Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What the Bell-Weather Seat is Saying.

Doctors, nurses and Community members in the Snowy Mountains Shire told the member for Eden-Monaro they want a Federal take-over of their hospitals, and the money to be managed at the Community level rather than by the Area Health Service where it just disappears in administration:

Health fix wanted

24/09/2009 6:55:00 PM

"...........Dr Kelly emphasised the federal government was looking at a bottom up approach to health taking power from the top level and giving it back to the people. The proposal suggests an injection of Federal Government funds to iron out the funding inequalities for rural areas who get about $200 per capita less spent on health than their city counterparts.

Monaro Community Cancer Research president Sue Litchfield suggested council be entrusted with the funds.

“Don’t give it to Greater Southern Area Health Service. It’ll just get eaten up in the cesspool of administration.”.......

.......Nurse Bronnie Taylor said the system could not get any worse and that the public was happy to pay more providing they see immediate results...."

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