Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Redundancy Debacle: SMH Report

Frontline Staff were never supposed to go according to the Director General of NSW Health:

Nurses left in lurch after redundancy ban

"MORE than 60 nurses in western Sydney have been left in limbo after NSW Health suddenly barred frontline public hospital staff from taking voluntary redundancy.

....The NSW Nurses Association said that some nurses had sold houses and bought businesses only to be told they could no longer leave, after the political hot potato - the loss of frontline nurses - became public.........

......the director-general of NSW Health, Debora Picone, issued a directive to all area health services on September 21, the day the Herald revealed the extent of the redundancies, that they were ''not to allow voluntary redundancy offers to be made to frontline clinical staff, except in cases where they are occupying management or administrative positions....''

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  1. Insanity prevails as is outlined in the crazy Redundancy issue. In a year or so we will be unable to fill vacancies in these important healthcare organisations called Hospitals not facillities.
    This is another indication of the imploding system.


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