Friday, October 2, 2009

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  1. Great video guys! Job well done!
    I don't know how many times I've held my head in my hands when faced with the impossible situations at work. The song speaks volumes too:

    "the lights go on the lights go off
    when things don't feel right
    I lie down like a tired dog
    licking his wounds in the shade"

  2. Talk about freedom of speech!! "False comments will be removed." What a most unsubtle way of censorship. Grow up!!!

  3. This appears to be the immature ravings of undisciplined, self-centred individuals.

    Get a job with another employer and try undermining their business to see how long you last in the workforce.

    You are coming across, to reasonably thinking people, as people who want to be paid 'appearance money'. Check your employment details!

  4. This is not community advocacy! True community leaders never hide behind the shroud of anonimity. Have you no professional dignity?

    Sure, there may be some issues at Blue Mts Hospital but how about using your blogging talent to constructively engage us in discussion online about solutions,instead of indulging yourself in a good 'ole Aussie winge fest.

    By the way, your arguments don't seem to be focussed on us as the community.

  5. Dear Anonymous,
    We notice you signed on to comment anonymously three times in one day. Obviously you are not a true community leader since, as you say in one of your comments above: "True community leaders never hide behind the shroud of anonimity."
    We never claimed to be Community Leaders, but you obviously are one (and a bad one).
    Thanks for the rant. You amuse us.

  6. Anonymous said:
    "Talk about freedom of speech!! "False comments will be removed" what a most unsubtle way of censorship. Grow up!!"
    Dude, take a deep breath and calm down. You have misunderstood what they are saying. "False comments will be removed" means untrue statements about SWAHS will be removed.

  7. Dear "Anonymous",
    Since when is a public hospital a "business" which employees can "undermine" by bringing public scrutiny into it? Who exactly "owns" the hospital?
    And when you say "check your employment details!" Do you know something about their employment details?
    For those reading, this seems like bullying and harrasment from the staff's management.

  8. I have only posted one of the above comments, not three. I'd still like to know what your proposed solutions are apart from re-opening the five mental health beds. Robyn


To encourage other staff to speak out, you have the option of selecting "Anonymous" when commenting. The blogger works in the hospital and knows if comments are true or not. False comments will be removed.