Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mental Health Week at BMDAMH.

Next week, October 4th-10th 2009 is Mental Health Week.
The Mental Health Unit at Blue Mountains Hospital will be celebrating in a unique way by keeping five of its beds closed, cutting back on Nursing Staff rostered on for each shift and not admitting patients outside of business hours.


  1. Community mental health teams will be sharing in the celebrations by being forced to deliver compromised services. Lack of availability to adequate, and at times any, psychiatric medical staff and mental health beds is subjecting acutely unwell clients and their families to inappropriate, distressing, and sometimes dangerous situations. How can clients be expected to place any faith in the mental health service when it is blatantly showing such cavalier disregard for the people it purports to care for? How can staff be expected to remain silent, giving tacit approval to the forced degradation of their professional standing?

  2. People with a mental illness are at times among the most vunerable in the community so I am sympathetic to mental health staffing needs of community and hospital and yes let's hope the new doctors arrive before Santa's sleigh. However, in the abscence of enough psychiatrists, surely you are not suggesting that the hospital should keep operating all mental health beds in the Blue Mts Unit?

    If five of the 15(?) mental health beds are currently closed, due to the doctor shortage, and enough nursing staff are still rostered to cover the full fifteen beds then why can't some of the ward nurses help out in the community mental health service, until the ward is back at full strength?

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    Hi again! Just so you know, we can actually see your IP address.
    How can nurses "help out in the community" when there are no psychiatrists? Can nurses prescribe medication? Can nurses admit patients to other hositals? How exactly is this going to "help". Throwing more nurses into the Community with no doctors to help patients with acute mental illnesses is like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic as its sinking. The Nurses are more than happy to go into the Community, but there is nothing they can do for acutely mentally ill patients when there is no doctor.

  4. The blogger would be well advised to "work in the hospital" and spend less time peddling propaganda.

  5. Make your mind up. Should they work in the hospital or go into the community?

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  7. I've made up my my. They should 'work in the hospital' with the operative word being WORK.

  8. ^ Yeah, 'coz only sad lonely losers with nothing better to do spend their time on the internet commenting on blogs.


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