Wednesday, September 30, 2009

From Some Redundant Nursing Staff

Dear Executives,
We just wanted to say "thanks so much" for the farewell for the "redundant nurses" last week at Nepean Hospital. It was fabulous. Those nine lucky chosen ones whose redundancies you managed to push through (before those nasty unions interfered with an appeal to the Industrial Relations Court) looked absolutely fantastic as you gave them their genuine goldique medallions from Sydney West and their A4 Certificates printed on what must be one of the only dot-matrix printers left in the world.
How could we forget your stirring words Marie as you pointed out what a red letter day it was that for the first time, nurses were being given a "golden handshake" because you think they're redundant?
Do you guys in the Executive ever stop to think what it must be like for us to come to work every day knowing that you consider us on the front-line to be expendable or "worthy of golden handshakes" as you put it?
And just when morale is at an all-time low, you decide to close the hospital Kiosk and replace it with an "interim" one run in our staff dining room. And just to make sure that we knew how little you thought of us, you tore up in front of us the petition we started in the wards and the ED against the closure of the Kiosk. What was your reason for tearing them up again? Oh yes: you "hadn't authorised the petition". How many dictators do you think actually "authorised" petitions made against their actions?
Frankly, we feel abused and betrayed, and your bread and circuses in the form of a BBQ and a colourful new newsletter (the first issue of which announces the closure of the Kiosk) have done little to improve anything. We hold little hope that you care though.
We will not pretend. We will not put on a smile. We will not say we're all right for you.
And we will not forget.

Some Redundant Nurses at Blue Mountains Hospital.


  1. Martha says it all.

  2. of course your banned from speaking to the media how else can management continue to cover up their incompetency.nurses are nothing we have no rights and get no respect and they wonder why we have a shortage of Doctors and nurses .they make their registra work unrealistic hours and then blame them when they make a mistake. they over work thier nurses and then complain about sick leave being taken .they waste ridiculous amounts of money and blame the staff.we all no they have been trying to down grade blue mountains for years so why did they waste all that money building a swing ward and new mental health facility..and the fact that certain staff were only put in Num positions temporarily confirms that the long term goal was to close the hospital about management grow some balls and try being honest .

  3. Thoughts and prayers go to our collegues in all SWAHS hospitals tonight....


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